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Current Shows

FoulPlay Productions have a number of shows currently in production ready to perform. 
Each year FoulPlay Productions aim to have an outdoor, a family and an indoor adult theatre production:




A bloody tale of bards, barks and bears! Expect perspiration, participation and puppets as the bears remind you who was first to the stage and why an encore just might be required… 

A man explains the nature of the theatre to his daughter in the 17th Century and an audience gamble with puppets in the 21st. And, we the creators, are sorry to have to tell you that in this country it all began with the brutal baiting of a bear.

“An experience of raucous spirit”    Fringe Review

A new production first scratched for Suspense Festival at the Pleasance Islington 2015, now premiers as full production at The Marlborough Theatre in the Brighton Fringe in May and June 2016.

‘The Bear Space’ is this year’s new indoor production and audiences will have the opportunity to see the premier at the Marlborough Theatre in Brighton from May 2016. Although The Bear Space Production is currently performing for a more mature audience from indoor spaces, FoulPlay Productions are intending to adapt the use puppets and participatory elements for younger audiences at outdoor festivals.

For tickets: Brighton Fringe

Suitable for audiences aged 12 +

Written by Jack Stigner 

Puppets by Annie Brooks of Colossal Crumbs




FoulPlay Productions - Fantastic Fox Hunt - Marketing

The award winning FoulPlay Fantastic Fox Hunt continues to turn urban and rural spaces into arenas for this exhilaratingly new theatre sport. 

Participate and play as a sneaky Fox; stealing cider, chicken and sausages from Farmers, or, join the Hunt and hound them down. Not into the chase? Then sit back and observe the developing spectacle, have a flutter with the Bookie and the Butcher if you think you can guess which way the story’s going.

An innovative outdoor performance, completely inclusive, completely bonkers. Visually striking costumes and characters invite audiences to interact and engage with the fantastic narrative on a multitude of levels, participating in a game of role-play, interaction and collaboration, as well as providing an opportunity to get some jolly good exercise!

Suitable for urban and rural outdoor spaces

Up to 60 audience members can participate in each performance

Unlimited number of passive spectators

Ages 5+


Currently touring to locations across England ending in The Enchanted Woods at Shambla Festival 2016




17. Witch

"Ever since we were little we have collected stories, you’re about to join us on one now, and it begins with the words: once upon a time…” 

Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm lead adventurers on a storyteller’s journey through the enchanted woods. These tails are told to make you wonder while you walk, because getting lost is the best place to begin an adventure

"All our heroes need capes, and a bit of luck and assistance from the animals, but first - a cape, imbued with magic, preventing any grown up from any fairy tale from ever seeing the wearer, instead, only the magical woodland folk from the forest can see, dwarves, elves, witches and wolves…"

All wanderers are equipped with magic capes and invited to help discover the reimagined stories of 'Hansel and Gretel', 'The Elves and the Shoemaker' and 'Snow White and Rose Red' manifest before them with puppets, interaction and play.

’The FoulPlay Fairytales' will be getting a reimagining as the company develop the immersive magic into an outdoor woodland setting this summer.

Designed for outdoor and woodland spaces

Suitable for Children ages 4 - 10

Commissioned by Betty Layward Primary School 

In association with Tandem Set and Scenery

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